What are we currently looking for

We are recruiting exceptional DPS. 

Our current needs are non-specific in terms of class, as we're primarily looking for dedicated players who want to raid. Having said that, we are currently extremely interested in a Deathknight, Boomkin, Monk and a Warlock. However, as I said earlier, we are always on the lookout for skilled and dedicated players, so if you feel like your application would be a good fit, don't be hesitant. Like most guilds, we've gone from being a 10 man raidgroup to a 20 man one in Warlords of Draenor - and as such we're constantly looking to improve ourselves.

We expect you to know your class, and perform well on it. Not just in your preferred specialization, but your class as a whole.

What we expect from you

  • Class knowledge. As mentioned above we want players who are versatile in their class. You must know how to play it, and the different specs it offers. Included in that, is also how to gear it and which specs to bring out for which encounters.
  • Raid attendance. As a guild we dont want to have 30 raiders, in order to be able to raid 20 man consistently. We want our raiders to have a high, consistent, attendance.
  • A social fit. To run a succesful guild, you must maintain a good guild atmosphere, and therefore this is of high priority to us.
  • Raid, or guild, experience. We're looking for people who knows whats expected of you as a raider, and as a guildmember. What it takes to progress, and what it takes to have a consistent raid week.
  • Communication. You must be fluent in English, written and spoken. You must also be willing to speak up during the raids, and therefore having a working (and decent) microphone is a must.

What to expect from us

  • Stability. We've been a stable guild for many years, and we will continue to be a stable guild for a long time to come. Once we're settled on our raid group, it will also remain as is. Which means stability and low to no changes.
  • Quality. We're off to a slow start this expansion, mainly due to the fact that we've gone from 10 to 20 man. But the quality is there, we're just looking to improve quantity at the moment. Once we're sorted on that front, expect raid progress to be similar to the latest expansion.
  • Friendship. We're a guild, both ingame and outside the game. When the guildchat is quiet, its mainly because the teamspeak is busy. If theres only a few players online, its most likely because people are playing different games together.
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